Can’t find a solution to your waste water and sewage problems? Just call London Plumber and we will do the rest.
London plumber’s main concern is supplying your home with drinkable water and evacuating waste water out of it, ensuring the flow of hot water and finally the installation of sanitary equipment.
For proper use and correct installation, the pressure and the water flow must be constant.
Treatment of drinking water
For your drinkable water keeps its pure taste, and cleanliness, many treatments exist:
The anti-limestone filter eliminates the sediment in the water through a purifying system.
The softener removes the limestone by a physicochemical method.
Waste water is all domestic water used in everyday life. Highly polluting water comes generally from the kitchen and the toilet, in addition to the water of the washing machine. We speak of slightly polluting wastewater when it is dish washing water, washing hands with soap, bath or shower. Pollutants such as cosmetics or industrial by-products are also highly polluting as well, we call them that way because they are so difficult to treat. The sewage from toilets impurities are difficult to treat too. The sewage must meet specific criteria; the diameter of the pipes in particular, changes depending on the type and the number of the equipments to be connected.
Hot water
Every day a person consumes about 50 liters of hot water (60 ° C). However, this average does not take into account the personal needs of each individual, the level of consumption per household and their remoteness from the water heater.
Recovery of rainwater
The principle of recovery is simple, since it is to collect rainwater via your gutters a storage tank. Collecting rainwater is making sure to save and act ecologically. However, this water is not potable and can in no way be consumed.