Common Plumbing Problems

At  Plumber services we see a wide variety of plumbing issues; from blocked drains to burst pipework; you name it we’ve seen it. In particular there are three plumbing issues that we seem to be called out to more regularly than any other. These are as follows:

Leaking Taps

Many people will, for years in some cases, ignore a leaky tap or faucet. Of course, over time and with enough usage and slacking, can lead to a pretty high water bill. To make things worse, this will increase gradual wear and tear throughout the plumbing in your home and can be a bigger cause for concern than you might think. Caught early enough, it can be fixed with ease and is a regularly seen job within the plumbing world.

Under Sink Leaks

The old phrase says that we take everything but the kitchen sink with us when we go somewhere, and we have invariably have seen just about everything under a kitchen sink. Over time the slip knots on the pipework under the sink can become loose. The slip nuts look like collars where two pipes meet, they should be tightened anti clockwise. The kitchen sink is arguably the most commonly used part of the plumbing in the house.

Boiler faults

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up to no hot water or central heating on in the house. Boiler repairs are our probably the most common plumbing issue that we are called out to fix. Like with anything, boilers require maintenance. Ideally you should get your boiler maintained annually if it is 5 years or more old. If the boiler is 10 years old or more we recommend replacing it for an energy efficient combination (condensing) boiler, such as the “Worcester Bosch Greenstar” Or “Glow Worn Ultacom”.

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