There are sometimes that you hear terms like the gully or the inspection chamber and are really quite confused. Especially if it is being said by a professional who doesn’t really understand why you don’t kbow what he is going on about. So here is some basic information to hopefully tell you the difference and meaning of these plumbing appliances. A Plumber can unblock the gully. The rain gully or grid is how these are described, are the ground level drains that all of your waste or rain water pipework empties into. They are many shapes and sizes and can also be in the form of a one, two or three piece unit made from clay, plastic, cast iron or even concrete. The basic purpose of the gully is to drain away the rain and waste water away from your home but stop the foul odours, gas and small wildlife from passing back into the home. The gully itself will probably be a covered grid with water filled trap like a U-bend that you can see at the open end of the pipework. Or even simpler, it’s the bit outside the kitchen that takes the waste water from the kitchen sink, or the bit that you see at the bottom end of rainwater pipe (and which keeps getting blocked with leaves). All these gullies should be periodically serviced, but it is the kitchen waste gully that you need to keep a special eye on, because it is prone to getting blocked by the remnants of food, etc. In older houses, there is often a two part drainage system. Wastewater runs down one pipe system, and sewage from the toilet runs down a dedicated soil pipe. The waste water from the upstairs bath tub and bathroom wash basin runs into a funnel shaped hopper (usually seen on the outside wall somewhere near the bathroom window), down the waste pipe and into a grid covered gully. London Plumbers are professional tradesmen.It is then joined by waste water from the kitchen sink, and on to an inspection chamber and into the sewer. The waste from the loo has its own dedicated stack or soil pipe straight into the inspection chamber. In here it is washed away by the wastewater from bathroom and kitchen. New builds now just have a single stack system.