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Sometimes low pressure affects the bathroom faucet, which usually and frequently used and when it is down it makes a huge problem that needs to be solved soon. As usual a plumber must check which part of the faucet or the fixture is the source of the problem and he may begin by having a look at the aerator by unscrewing it and then turn on the faucet to see if the water flow has been enhanced, if the pressure is ok then all we have to do is change the aerator or simply clean it from any debris if not then the problem might be more complicated and may be more parts of the faucet needs to be detached and checked like the faucet itself, the flex lines or the angle stops. The first step is to disconnect the flex lines from the faucet put them a any kind of bucket and observe the pressure if the problem is still unsolved then this would help us identify whether it is from the faucet or from the angle stops. Like in the case of the bathroom faucets, in the kitchen we have different types of faucets wand and pull out faucets for example and for the wand faucet we just have to clean the screens for the pressure to be back to normal. If there is still a problem in the pressure of water then we can unscrew the little aerator at the end of the spout of the faucet and clean it of change it. In what concerns the washing machine water filling problem which is also related mainly to water pressure problem, it is preferable to clean the washing machine hoses by shutting off the water valve and disconnecting the hoses from the washing machine in order to clean the screens of the hoses, if we still have the same problem maybe we can also detach the other end hoses and clean their screens. For professional services, you may call London Plumber.