Safety is the first priority for London Plumbers our plumbers are our wealth and their safety is our responsibility.
It is weird how people tend to fix things on their own and attempt to use professional tools without any acknowledgment on how to use them. In some cases it is ok to make easy repairs or fix little parts of a mechanism, but when the intervention of a professional is mandatory then there is no other choice. Plumbing is a dangerous job, a plumber may suffer lungs problems due to respiratory difficulties or get injured by a hammer or by accidently losing control over his drill, and even hurting his eyes when perforating a wall. The sensitivity of eyes, skin and breathing poisonous gases such as welding smoke or natural gas can cause a plumber to be terribly ill and unable of carrying his work on.
The drain machine is one of the tools that may put the skin, the hands and plumber’s body into a direct contact with the dirty water full of germs and toxins, so for a guaranteed protection it is recommended that a London plumber wears his leather gloves and to make sure they are water-proof. When a plumber protects himself from any possible diseases or accidents he protects his company and giving the example to his assistants.
To avoid inhaling dust or poisonous gases or smells in certain situations, a London plumber is always invited into putting on a face mask especially when he is about to start a sewing project or sometimes in sanding tasks.
Electricity is another danger that a plumber must have strict precautions about it and here we are talking about some of the tools that need electricity like the drill for instance. Being near any source of heat or handling a tool the uses fire is also a tremendously dangerous situation a plumber must be aware of.