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Plumbing cannot be done without the use of the proper plumbing tools, which is why here we have shortlisted some of the most useful plumbing tools.
In the past, plumbers were renowned for carrying their pipe wrench wherever they go and for all purposes but that tool although still very useful and handy in many plumbing tasks channel locks has substituted it. Obviously because channel locks are efficient, fast and useful in nearly all plumbing activities.
Sink wrench, also called basin wrench is may be the plumber’s favorite tool as it is a very useful tool especially when changing a broken down old faucet in any part of the house the bathroom or even the kitchen
If a plumber has a Compression Sleeve Puller then copper, PEX, or CPVC tubing is just a piece of cake. In every house nearly there must be a compression angle stops it supplies toilets and faucets with water. It is used to remove the different parts from the pipe after detaching the angle stop.
Pipe wrench is no longer used by plumbers like in the past since new materials are used in manufacturing pipes but it is still handy when dealing with iron pipes.
The adjustable wrench is a must in any professional plumber tools box, this tool is handy and facilitates the plumber’s job so much it helps easily remove the shower head in order to clean or even when installing it avoiding any scratches on the shiny chrome sanitary equipments. It is also very useful to screw back the shower head or to remove the compression nuts, the angle stops, or the faucet’s supply lines.