We use lots of power to heat our water, but lots of this heat is wasted or lost by natural cooling processes. So it is really time that we all looked at alternative ways of retaining this wasted heat. Here are a couple of suggestions. Tankless Water Heaters are rapidly becoming the appliance of choice in more and more homes today. They appear to offer many benefits, like instant and never ending hot water, with less waste of space, and a reduced carbon footprint. An experienced Plumber can work with all appliances. They apparently can even be fitted to power radiant underfloor heating system which is a luxurious addition found to many green homes. The cold water enters at the bottom of the heater, where a very high efficiency gas burning heater very quickly brings the water close to boiling. When you turn off the hot water, the heater shuts down. This heater needs to be close to the kitchen area or to the bath so the water will not have to travel a great distance. London Plumbers can supply and fit all types of appliances. A Tankless water heater costs approximately twice the price of a standard water heater, but the energy and water savings will pay for the tankless heater within 1-5 years. Hot Water Recirculation is a process that is started up at the push of a small button, or a thermostat, timer, or even a motion sensor, the pump will begin to recirculate the cooled water that is sat in the hotline. It pumps it back to the water heater through the cold water pipe. This type of unit uses its system pump to push the hot water to where it is needed. This type of innovtion almost certainly gives you financial and energy benefits. Instead of allowing the cold water to go down the drain, it recirculates it back to the water heater