Simple Guide to Plumbing

Plumber LondonThe first step to maintaining a good plumbing system and keeping your plumbing in good working order is knowing how the plumbing system at your home or business premises works. This simple plumbing guide will take you through the basics of how plumbing works.

Your plumbing system is made up of two systems. One system will allow water into your home through a network of pipes and another allows waste out of the property. The pipes allowing water into the property are called the water main, which pump water from a local water utility or a private well. The water is supplied by pressure that is maintained at a constant flow, ready to use at the twist of a tap. This pressure is controlled by valves, such as faucets and stop-cocks.

It is important to know where the main shutoff valve is for your property because if there’s an emergency plumbing problem that threatens to flood your home, you need to act fast and turn of the water system to limit the amount of water damage. This is usually located close to the metre.

If you have a problem with your plumbing, you may not have to shut off the entire water supply to the property and that’s when you can use the stop cocks to stop water to a specific area, such as the kitchen sink or the toilet.

For hot water, a pipe carries the incoming water to the water heating system within your home and a hot water line then carries the heated water to wherever it’s needed.

Water that is leaving your home flows downward by the flow of gravity with a little help from air vents in the top of the property, which help the water to flow smoothly from the building. The water pipes in the drainage system are all angled downward to allow the waste to naturally drain from the property. Sewage pipes then pick up the waste water and it drains away to a sewage facility and then to a waste treatment facility or sceptic tank. If you live in an urban area, then your waste water will probably flow to a public sewer. In rural areas, you will usually have a sceptic tank that serves your property. A sceptic tank will deal with the waste by separating out the solid waste by retaining it in the tank while the waste liquid drain safely away into a sceptic leach field. The solid waste that’s left in the sceptic tank needs to be emptied every so often and this job will be undertaken by sceptic waste removal service, which will dispose of the solid waste safely.

Beneath every sink is a trap. This is an important aspect of your plumbing system. Without the trap, harmful waste gases could seep back up into the home through the pipes. The traps, located below the sinks, retain a little of the waste water, forming a seal so that these gases don’t enter your property.

The two plumbing systems, allowing water into and back out of your property, are connected by fixtures. The fixtures are the sinks, toilets and baths in your home. Although the drainage system out of your property and the system that allows water to flow into the home work independently, both these plumbing systems only work well when they’re both in good working order and the fixtures are working correctly.  For example, if your fixtures are not working correctly then it could affect the entire system, causing drainage problems and backed up waste.

Areas that commonly develop problems are your fixtures, your sceptic tank and the traps. You should keep an eye on the traps as they can easily become blocked, being a curved pipe.

If you spot any problems, call in a plumber who can help you fix the problem professionally. Find a plumber who has a history and verifiable references, you may have to look up two or three plumbers and compare their prices. Check their work history and the price that they’re charging and hopefully you’ll find a good plumber with affordable prices.

If you have any issues with your plumbing, it’s time to call in the professional plumbers. G&A Plumbing can provide a qualified plumber to fix problems with your plumbing systems. We offer emergency plumbing and plumbing maintenance work for homes and businesses of all sizes.

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