How to Hire a Good Plumber

So youve shelled out good money paying for an emergency plumber, only to find that theyve not done the job correctly and youre faced with more plumbing problems and even bigger bills. When choosing a plumber, follow our tips to ensure that this scenario doesnt become a reality.
You need a qualified plumber who will take care of an emergency plumbing repair correctly and professionally. There are two things to bear in mind when youre hiring a local plumber.

Firstly, a good plumber will guarantee his work. A reputable, professional tradesman will be happy to return for free and repair any problems with his work should you find them.? Find out if they will guarantee their work before you contract a plumber. The good ones will always be happy to do this. Its your safety net and will protect you if something did go wrong, leaving you with extra repair costs.

The second thing you should look for is references. A good quality, reputable plumber will be happy to supply you with references from past clients. If he isnt, then its best to steer clear. A professional plumber will have many satisfied customers he can call on to provide references for his work.

Never pick a plumber based solely on the price he quotes. If you hire a plumber whose prices are too good to be true, you may well end up with materials that are low quality or an inexperienced and unqualified plumber. If you do choose a plumber because its the cheapest price you can find, then you may end up spending more money on emergency repair work than you would have done if you had paid that little bit extra in the first place.

If youre quoted a cheap price for plumbing, make sure you know exactly what youre getting for the service. You could end up paying more on hidden costs that the plumber forgot to tell you about.

Ask lots of questions! A good pluber will be happy to answer you. He will want your custom and will go out of his way to make sure you consider him to be suitable for the job.

Dont end up with a nightmare scenario when youre choosing a plumber. Follow these steps to ensure that you hire a reputable, professional plumber.

1. Get references
2. Make sure the work is guaranteed
3. Shop around for a price that reflects quality
4. Ask questions

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