Energy saving boilers for the home

As we head into winter, you may be noticing more of a strain on your cash flow than usual. At this time of year, most of us use more energy in the home then all the other seasons put together. There are a number of great energy saving tips around that you can do, all the little things can all add up to make a large difference. However there is one appliance that can significantly make an impact on your energy usage – your boiler. Boilers are worth on average, 55% of the annual household energy bills. Therefore, if your boiler is not running at its maximum efficiency you will be spending more on bills and losing more energy from the home.

Installing a condensing boiler (if you haven’t already) is one of the best ways to get started. Many houses are still fitted with old gas boilers, and switching to an A-rated condensing boiler would instantly save energy and save you money. It is estimated that you could save as much as £310 a year by changing, (depending on how efficient your current options are). Condensing boilers recycle and abstract the heat from the exhaust gases. They are also very energy efficient due to the fact they contain a large heat exchanger. This exchanger recovers more heat, which sends a cooler gas up to the flue and therefore lasts longer, making it more efficient.

Having an energy efficient boiler installed is usually one of the first things that any professional could offer you in terms of lowering your energy bills. There are lots of little improvements you can make to your house like insulation and different styles of air conditioning, but a condensing boiler is seen as one of the most noticeable in terms of quality and cost.

So If you are looking for an instant way to save some money come this winter then speak to us about a boiler upgrade. We can offer many different solutions to help you cut back on costs for the long-term, while keeping your home running smoothly and efficiently.

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